“Embodying the Postcolonial Perverse: mestizXXX Sadomasochist Performance Methodologies”
Whatever Journal: A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies, forthcoming

“mestizXXX: an autotheory”
ASAP/Journal, John Hopkins University Press, forthcoming

“‘Having Walked Alongside You’: A Conversational Exchange on Territory and Sound in Motion”
Collaboration with Tyler Stewart
Intonations Journal, University of Alberta, forthcoming

“Distance, Desire and Diaspora: Using Ephemeral Trans Territories to Rethink Belonging and Place”
Race and The City, Athabasca University Press, forthcoming

“Two Gay Mexicans and a Genderqueer Jew Go to Dollywood”
printed in PULP Magazine, September 2nd, 2019
printed in Medium (contributing writer), June 27th, 2018

“Men Who Sing The Music of The Night”
Catapult, February 1st, 2019

The Indiana Review, Issue 40.2, December 2018

“Audre Lorde Shoots Lasers from Her Eyes”
Excavating Honesty: An Anthology of Rage and Hope in America, Paper Nautilus, January 2017

“Si/Re/No / A Transgender Swimming”
Alchemy: Journal of Translation, Issue 9. March 2016

“Drug Cartel Kittens for You”
Midnight Breakfast, Issue 12. August 2015

“Weird Gelatinous Things”
Lunch Ticket

Apogee, Issue 4. November 2014

“Fugue: Red Eyes in a Cartoon Night”
PANK 9.10 Queer Issue October 2014

“Rooms We Die In”
Midnight Breakfast, Issue 1. June 2014

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