-tzintlán: a Postcolonial Theme Park

Is it possible to be inside and outside of something at the same time? This is the core question asked by -tzintlan, the world’s first postcolonial theme park. A slowly unfolding experience that both challenges and flirts with colonial imaginaries and Indigenous futurities, this composite of virtual and IRL performances, immersive events and videos functions as an ephemeral site that can be visited and enjoyed. This project draws from and history-fucks the rich and troubling pasts and presents of world’s fairs, museums, circuses, freak shows, amusement and theme parks, examining their capacities to assert the narrative truths which have come to shape our racialized, sexualized and territorialized understandings of time, space and the Other.

For more information on how this project partners with specific sites please visit the LandMarks 2023 page:

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